Wednesday, August 15, 2007

PSLE Oral Tomorrow!

Dear Classmates,
Its oral tomorrow, please revise hard, you don't want to let Miss Soon and Ms Lim down do you? They have both provided tips and given us more than enough practice, so do not let their efforts go to waste. Revise the vocabulary and sentence structures for Picture Discussion and Conversation. Remember, use the appropraite tense and your wide range of vocabulary to impress the examiners. Reminisce the pass encounters you have had before and human behaviour around you.

Good Luck, I hope to see more A* in our class this PSLE oral. Wish everyone will do their best and pass with flying colours!

Yi Wen, Elizabeth 6B

Monday, July 30, 2007

Oral Practice 30 July 2007

Dear 6B,

Dyon and Yiwen have posted a picture and a conversation topic for discussion. You are to key in the script as you would say if you encounter the picture and conversation topic in exam conditions. Hence, do not give general comments like "this picture is good...". Use the picture and topic as a chance to hone your oral skills.

Miss Soon

Conversation Topic for 30th July 2007

Dear Classmates,

Please refer to the picture posted by D.Q. and answer to this conversation topic.

Question: Have you ever witnessed a pet owner not cleaning up the excretion of his pet, what do you think of such behaviour?

Good Luck!

Oral practice

Dear classmates, here is an oral picture for you all to practice on.Good luck^^

Monday, July 23, 2007


Dear 6B,

How was your experience during the Prelims Oral? Exciting? Share your views here!

Reflections - Conversation

Were you able to converse well? How many marks would you give yourself? What are some of the enjoyable moments in this section? Are there areas you would like to improve?

Reflections - Picture Discussion

Do you feel that you have fared well in this section? Post your learning points here.